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Turn off jQuery .load caching…

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

IE7 has this nasty habbit of caching ajax requests very very agressivly. Which stinks because more often than not ajax content is very dynamic and thus what you don’t want cached!

Fortunatly jQuery provides an easy way to disable all ajax caching with just one statement.

$.ajaxSetup ({
    // Disable caching of AJAX responses
    cache: false

See: for the original post.

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Using Selenium to test Ajax

December 1st, 2010 2 comments

If you’ve used Selenium before you know it’s power, and the pain of Ajax and Selenium…  I spent about a week on it at work and created several helper methods, but was never quite happy with my Ajax solution (waiting for text to be present, blech!!!).  Then, I found this article about getting selenium and ajax to play nicely…

It turns out the major JavaScript libraries (jQuery, YUI (v3+), Prototype, and Dojo) provide a way to see if requests are still active.  They provided instructions for writing a function, but I wanted a fool proof method, that JUST WORKS regardless of what library you use.

So, I created this function (Currently supports jQuery, Dojo, and Prototype, not Yui 3 yet):

function getActiveRequestCount(){
    var currentActiveRequestCount = 0;
    //Get prototype active requests...
    if(window.Ajax && window.Ajax.activeRequestCount){
        currentActiveRequestCount += window.Ajax.activeRequestCount;

    //jQuery active requests...
        currentActiveRequestCount +=;

    if(window.dojo &&{
        currentActiveRequestCount +=;
    return currentActiveRequestCount;

Then, use the following selenium command to wait for the request count to be low…

selenium.waitForCondition("selenium.browserbot.getCurrentWindow().getActiveRequestCount() == 0", "30000");

And viola!!!  No more pesky pauses!!!  Or wait for text to be present!!!

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