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Facebook Profile Tab Application (FBML)

July 17th, 2010 No comments

To Start with, setup your application with these instructions: (Insert link here).

Receiving Facebook Posts

You FBML application will receive information from Facebook in the form of a signed post. To determine if a post from facebook is authentic, there is an algorithm described here.

I have written a class I use that looks like this:


class Joey_Facebook{
	public static function getFacebookParams(){
		if(!isset($_POST['fb_sig'])) throw new Joey_Facebook_Exception("No Facebook Signatore Parameter");
	    $parameters = $_POST;    
	    if(self::authenticatePayloadFromFacebook($parameters, FACEBOOK_APPLICATION_SECRET)){
	    	return $parameters;	
	    	throw new Joey_Facebook_Exception("Parameters Do Not Authenticate!");
	private static function authenticatePayloadFromFacebook($parameters, $application_secret){
	    $payload = '';
		foreach ($parameters as $key => $value) {
	        if ($key != 'fb_sig') {
	            $payload .= substr($key, 7) . '=' . $value;
	    if (md5($payload . $application_secret) == $parameters['fb_sig']) {
	    	return true;	      
	    	return false;

class Joey_Facebook_Exception extends Exception{
	public $msg;
	public function __construct($msg){
		$this->msg = $msg;		

Once you have authenticated the request, you can now use the data in it. The important data (to me) is…

When a user has granted your appliation basic permissions, the $_POST[‘fb_sig_user’] is the facebook users id. Your application can use this to store and retrieve database records, display customized content, etc…

If your application is viewed via a profile tab, the profile owner’s fbid is in $_POST[‘fb_sig_profile_id’].

With these two basic pieces of information you can essentialy embed basic web applications into Facebook. You can gather much more information from the post, and also use Facebook’s API (btw… It does need to be de-mistified…) to gather more information about the user and add more social features to your application.

Getting a user to “Add Application”

To redirect the user to the basic add application page, view the details on this page.

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Facebook f8 announces new Easy to use API

April 29th, 2010 No comments

If you are a serious web developer that wants to ride the wave into the next decade, you MUST integrate with Social Networking / Media in your apps. Fortunatly, facebook just released a new API that is a piece of cake to use. WAY WAY WAY easier than their old one.

Check out the video about it’s features here: (The best stuff is half way through the video)

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Get more pageviews! How to add a “Post to Facebook” button to your site!

January 10th, 2010 No comments

This is so so easy… Every site on the web should have one of these…

All you have to do, is paste the code from here:

Onto your site…

See: Share with my friends.

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