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PHP Development Tools that Make Money – Wordcamp Phoneix 2012

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My Presentation Slides – https://docs.google.com/present/edit?id=0Afxsly4_lDMxZGY4azZjN3dfMTM2Y3czbjVrOTk

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  1. March 2nd, 2012 at 21:11 | #1

    Slide 13 looks interesting. I’m guessing you gave a little more info in the actual presentation.

    What sort of hooks do you use with github that have made things easier for you? I’ve just recently started moving some of my repos there, and would love to know any useful tips or tricks you know.

  2. March 2nd, 2012 at 22:33 | #2

    It’s interesting that you ask that because I moved from github to repositoryhosting.com this week (much cheaper, as I need a repo for each project). But, GitHub has a push hook. It’s easy, you just paste a url you want github to call anytime a push happens. I use this to trigger an autodeploy to a dev server, and then a similar script, but triggered manually to go from github to production.

    After wordcamp I was talking with some other geeks, and several of them said they use capistrano. It seemed to be the norm tool around the table for deploying from a repo to a server.

  3. March 3rd, 2012 at 13:31 | #3

    Hmm repositoryhosting.com isn’t as polished as github, but dang is it cheaper. I’d love to have all my repos at github but it would cost me $100/month.

    bitbucket.org looks neat. Free unlimited private repos and a similar feature set compared to github. Backed by a major company so probably fairly safe to use it.

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